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Sunday, March 26, 2006

To the MSM in Iraq: Who do you think you are fooling?

You newsmen will tell us you fear
For your lives, so you cannot go near
To a school dedication.
YET, you've NO hesitation,
In filming a bombing, it's clear.

MSM says reporting on car bombings is safe.

Today the members of the Roundtable on Meet the Press said there is little good news coming out of Iraq, because reporters would endanger themselves.

Do the members of the roundtable seriously think that reporting on car bombings in Iraq is a safer thing to do?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

German and French are shirkers

Did it ever occur to Cindy Sheehan, that her son Casey might still be alive, if the French and Germans hadn't been shirkers?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pre-War "containment" of Saddam failed more and more, each day.

1. The oil-for-food program was corrupt
2. The weapons inspections were a farce
3. US and allied planes were targeted
4. Uninspected flights to Baghdad gutted the sanctions
5. Terrorists were training in Iraq
6. Saddam supported terrorism - $25,000 to each family of a suicide bomber (Thanks, Prost1).
7. Saddam brutalized our fellow human beings

Saddam was thumbing his nose at decent people as he rewarded his collaborators.

Here's the reason why the US has lost so many lives in Iraq --

Because the French and the Germans refused to help depose a madman who tortured his own citizens and thumbed his nose at UN regulations.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Leftists are a hindrance in the War on Terror

Anyone notice how Bush and DPW didn't get a chance to defend the deal?

The rug was pulled out from under them when the public investigation was squelched by Congress.

Leftists are happy to make sure that terrorists, our enemy, get their day in court.

Leftists are happy to make sure that Dubai, our ally, did not get its day in court.

Some leftists are also happy that the Red Chinese government controls a terminal in the Port of Long Beach.

It's a win-win situation for the Lefties, especially the Clintons, who got money from the Chinese government and then gave the Chinese government's company, COSCO, what it wanted.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Companies involved in terminals at the Port of Los Angeles


The Port of Los Angeles has eight major container terminals and four dockside intermodal rail yards with direct access to the Alameda Corridor, a 20-mile express railway connecting the Port to the rail hubs in downtown Los Angeles.

Here are three of the 8 terminals---

Berths 121-131 http://www.yml.com.tw/index.asp YANG MING TERMINAL 186 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation
Handling facilities: Eight post-Panamax cranes with 50’-gauge and 40-long-ton main hoist capacity; tophandlers; sidehandlers; forklifts; UTRs; bombcarts; on-dock rail facility

Berth 100 http://www.chinashippingna.com/ CHINA SHIPPING TERMINAL
75 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation Handling facilities: Four post-Panamax cranes with 100’ gauge; rail and gate shared with Yang Ming Terminal  

Berths 212-225 http://www.yti.com YUSEN Container Terminal
185 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled import containers and grounded export and empty
Storage: 21,937-sq. ft. administration/in-gate building; 23,386-sq. ft. maintenance and repair building with 10 bays; 4798-sq. ft. marine building; 201,600-sq. ft. warehouse; 3300 wheeled slots (including 500 reefer plugs)

Handling facilities: Four super-post-Panamax with 100’-gauge and 60-long-ton main hoist capacity; four post-Panamax with 100’-gauge and 40-long-ton capacity; two Panamax with 50’-gauge and 40-long-ton capacity; 20-container-capacity wash rack system; 10 entry lanes with six scales; four exit lanes; vertical chassis stacking: 42 bays, 756 units; 132 hustlers; 14 toplifts; 10 sidelifts; 20 transtainers; near-dock rail facility  

China Ocean Shipping Company Allegedly Running Guns to Cuba

Dirty Business: China Ocean Shipping Company Allegedly Running Guns --and Who Knows What Else -- to Cuba

Washington, D.C.): A front-page article in today's Washington Times identified the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) as a key player in the ongoing, surreptitious delivery of weapons from China to Cuba. Ironically, this report comes shortly after the COSCO's CEO paid a visit to the Times for the purpose of disavowing widely reported connections between his company and the Chinese military.

According to the Times, Beijing's arms deliveries to Cuba have taken place on at least three separate occasions within the past several months. This pattern of reported transfers belie the claim that COSCO's activities are solely driven by the pursuit of profit, independent of the Chinese government's foreign policy agenda. Instead, it seems far more likely that COSCO -- a 100% Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) -- is doing precisely what its owners instruct it to do, i.e., supporting the PRC's goal of increasing military and economic collaboration between Havana and Beijing.

In a move that has, regrettably, become standard operating procedure for making certain Chinese SOE's more palatable to U.S. and overseas investors, COSCO created a wholly-owned subsidiary -- COSCO Pacific -- to establish a funding vehicle on the Hong Kong stock exchange. This and other so-called "Red Chips," however, generally remain largely under the influence of the parent company. The contention by some market observers that there is a genuine "firewall" between COSCO and COSCO Pacific is made still less plausible by the Times' identification of yet another COSCO subsidiary (COSCO Tianjin) as the transporter of sophisticated weaponry components to Pakistan in 1998.

COSCO Pacific buys Suez terminal stake -- January 2006


Published: January 2006       Cosco Pacific buys Suez terminal stake

Hong Kong-based Cosco Pacific has signed an agreement to take a 20 per cent stake in Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) from Egyptian International Container Terminal (EICT).The deal is subject to approval from Egyptian authorities, a Cosco Pacific spokesman said.

COSCO - RED CHINESE COMPANY - got perks from Clinton

Clinton's special treatment of the Chinese government's shipping company, COSCO, didn't hurt him or Hillary (yet).

* COSCO got guarantees for loans for ships built in Mobile Alabama
* COSCO got permission from The Clinton Administration to access our most sensitive ports with one day's notice rather than the usual four

* COSCO nearly got a Clinton-arranged lease on the Long Beach Navy Base
* COSCO currently runs at least one terminal, in the Port of Long Beach.
Aside from that, Clinton was able to convince folks that it was in "our national interest" for him to guarantee a loan for a Chinese nuclear plant that supplied power for building their war ships.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beijing can manage our ports
After smuggling large arms* of all sorts.
(Not merely Smith-Wessons).
Have we learned any lessons?
No, we punish the Arab "good sports."

*On March 18, 1996, Federal agents surreptitiously seized a Poly shipment of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles in Oakland, California. These weapons had left China on February 18 aboard a vessel belonging to ... state-owned company, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (`COSCO').

Dubai deal is being given the --Bum's Rush-- by Congress

Not all the facts are on the table.

Is King and Schumer's 45 day investigation over with?

The DPW takeover of P&O is being given the "Bum's rush," by the same folks who are letting the Chinese government company (COSCO, which was involved in smuggling arms into the US), run a terminal on the West Coast.

From the Congressional record

On March 18, 1996, Federal agents surreptitiously seized a Poly shipment of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles in Oakland, California. These weapons had left China on February 18 aboard a vessel belonging to another state-owned company, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (`COSCO'). On May, Federal agents hastily shut down the operation when they learned that the Chinese had been tipped to its existence. [snip]

Smuggling the weapons into the United States has not harmed the fortunes of COSCO.

A) In April 1996, with the support of the Clinton Administration, COSCO signed a lease with the City of Long Beach, California to rent a now defunct navy base in Long Beach, California. *

B)...the Clinton Administration has allowed COSCO's ships access to our most sensitive ports with one day's notice rather than the usual four

C) [The Clinton administration] has given COSCO a $138,000,000 loan guarantee to build ships in Alabama.

The [Clinton] Administration has made all of these concessions since the coffee with Mr. Wang. That COSCO participated in the shipment of illegal arms does not appear to have dampened the Administration's enthusiasm in any of these matters.

*The lease on the Long Beach Navy Base, which Clinton arranged for COSCO, got cancelled by Congress. But COSCO runs a terminal at the Port of Long Beach.

See, Foreign involvement is nothing new [COSCO-- Chinese gov't co --runs terminals]