Mostly limericks, based on current events.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Pied Piper of Davos
John Kerry made news with his yodel,
From a room in his Switzerland hotel.
The Libs' wild-eyed Piper
Has made them too hyper.
Dems will soon be extinct like the Dodo.

Friday, January 27, 2006

John Kerry -- Senatorial Jet Setter

John Kerry would rather hobnob
With the Jet Set, than do his day job
His presence at Davos
Won't draw any "Bravos,"
The guy's a well-manicured snob.

John Kerry -- slacker extraordinary

Kerry can't even take heat
Thus..he won't park his butt in his seat
In the great US Senate.
He's an absentee tenant.
Bay Staters should vote his defeat.

Won't you come home, John Kerry?

Kerry avoids Senate duties
(Afraid he'll catch Democrat cooties?)
He knows he's elected
But instead he's selected
To put on his Swiss-made ski booties.

Kerry can pretend he's doing important things in Davos, but this is what his platonic friend, Alexandra Polier (the "intern" ) said about Davos (where she met Kerry almost exactly 5 years ago.)

I met John Kerry for the first time in January 2001, in Davos, Switzerland...

Although it presents itself as a serious policy machine, Davos’s real point is, of course, networking,

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tom Harkin Doesn't like Sam Alito

Harkin is troubled by Sam.
Tom says,' I yam what I yam."
And I don't need no spinach,
To act like a Grin-n-ch"
'NO's' the only way out of this jam."

Memo to SNOB Kerry

What makes you think you're so great?
You didn't attend the debate.
Yet you'll boss around others
(Senate sisters and brothers)
You tell them their vote has to wait.

A filibuster would merely prove what we've known all along -- John Kerry is an uncourteous ideologue who makes up his mind to filibuster without bothering to listen to his colleagues.

GOP sets up showdown over Alito (Kerry Filibuster?)

Friday, January 20, 2006

To Patrick Leahy, on the Independent Counsel system

First you say it's "bad," and then it's "fine"
Your mind is mangled up, like tangled twine.
Your words sure trip you up, like kousa vine
You really should grow a spine.

Leahy is the quintessential hypocrite. In 1998, Leahy questioned the usefulness of the Independent Counsel system. During the recent hearings, Leahy criticized Samuel Alito for having criticized the Independent Counsel statute in 2000.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Go to the back of the class, Chuck.

Chuck Schumer portrayed himself as a scholar, until he discovered Bush's judicial candidates were smarter than he.