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Friday, March 10, 2006

Companies involved in terminals at the Port of Los Angeles


The Port of Los Angeles has eight major container terminals and four dockside intermodal rail yards with direct access to the Alameda Corridor, a 20-mile express railway connecting the Port to the rail hubs in downtown Los Angeles.

Here are three of the 8 terminals---

Berths 121-131 http://www.yml.com.tw/index.asp YANG MING TERMINAL 186 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation
Handling facilities: Eight post-Panamax cranes with 50’-gauge and 40-long-ton main hoist capacity; tophandlers; sidehandlers; forklifts; UTRs; bombcarts; on-dock rail facility

Berth 100 http://www.chinashippingna.com/ CHINA SHIPPING TERMINAL
75 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation Handling facilities: Four post-Panamax cranes with 100’ gauge; rail and gate shared with Yang Ming Terminal  

Berths 212-225 http://www.yti.com YUSEN Container Terminal
185 acres; Use: Containerized cargo; wheeled import containers and grounded export and empty
Storage: 21,937-sq. ft. administration/in-gate building; 23,386-sq. ft. maintenance and repair building with 10 bays; 4798-sq. ft. marine building; 201,600-sq. ft. warehouse; 3300 wheeled slots (including 500 reefer plugs)

Handling facilities: Four super-post-Panamax with 100’-gauge and 60-long-ton main hoist capacity; four post-Panamax with 100’-gauge and 40-long-ton capacity; two Panamax with 50’-gauge and 40-long-ton capacity; 20-container-capacity wash rack system; 10 entry lanes with six scales; four exit lanes; vertical chassis stacking: 42 bays, 756 units; 132 hustlers; 14 toplifts; 10 sidelifts; 20 transtainers; near-dock rail facility