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Monday, September 11, 2006

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Syriacus -- in honor of that wonderful shrub Hibiscus syriacus, the Rose of Sharon



A tale of two countries

Beijing may manage our ports
After smuggling large arms* of all sorts.
(Not merely Smith-Wessons).
Have we learned any lessons?
No, we punish the Arab "good sports."
*On March 18, 1996, Federal agents surreptitiously seized a Poly shipment of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles in Oakland, California. These weapons had left China on February 18 aboard a vessel belonging to ... state-owned company, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (`COSCO').

Is T. Ebbert [NOLA DHS chief] responsible for delay in large-scale response to levee breach?
"It's a very slow rise, and it will remain so until we plug that breach. I think we can get [the breach] stabilized in a few hours" [August 30, 2005]

From catastrophe to chaos in new orleans
"This is a national disgrace," said New Orleans' emergency operations chief Terry Ebbert. "We can send massive amounts of aid to tsunami victims, but we can't bail out the city of New Orleans." [September 1, 2005]

*COSCO interested to buy stake in Greek port
*Shipping giant COSCO sets sail for big time [April 09, 2005]       ...COSTACO, the country's largest shipping tally company, has become a subsidiary of COSCO, the world's second largest shipping company in terms of capacity.
COSTACO's business ranges from cargo measuring and weighing bulk cargo to supervising loading and unloading operations.
*The U.S. government agreed to exempt COSCO from laws discriminating against state-owned shipping companies. *CLINTON OK'S CHINESE ASSAULT WEAPONS FOR U.S. DELIVERY

Kerry's Fillet-bluster

The Pied Piper of Davos
John Kerry made news with his yodel,
From a room in his Switzerland hotel.
This Libs' wild-eyed Piper
Has made them too hyper.
They'll soon be extinct like the Dodo.

Leahy is the quintessential hypocrite. In 1998, Leahy criticized the Independent Counsel system. During the recent hearings, Leahy criticized Samuel Alito for having criticized the Independent Counsel statute in 2000.

Scenario for intruder who caused Jane Doe's collapse

Supranuclear Proliferation of a "fairy tale"

The muddy road

If we cling to bad feelings, we must necessarily skew our perception, degrade our decision-making,

With Gratitude, To FreeRepublic
I'd feel all adrift and "at sea"-ly
As a Con in a Lib'ral family
But, this forum, so dear,
Helps banish such fear
'Cause it gives folks the means to speak freely

A second look at Hwang Woo Suk 12/16/2005

Hwang's just a name in the news.
'Cuz the man's disappeared from our views.
He's been hospital-ridden
Since we've learned he was kiddin'
And he can't show us cells to peruse.

Collaborator says Korean cloning pioneer admitted faking stem cell result

Cookbook for Flim-Flam

The pressure for cloning's so great
That a researcher might take the bait
And "doctor" his finds
To mislead weaker minds
Proving -- greed is a strong human trait

Clone Scandal: 'A Tragic Turn' for Science [S. Korea scientists fabricated evidence]

Dean's Big Head -- 12/10/2005

Old Deanie is really intense,
You can't say he sits on a fence,
He states his opinion
But never can win in
A race, 'cause his ego's IMMENSE.

And the ratings say.... Rush is #1

Al Franken did not make the list.
As a host, he should cease and desist.
There's a miniscule chance
His spot will advance
Since his show's such a snap to resist.

Hillary's aide - Sidney Blumenthal - 12/08/2005
There once was a low-life named Sidney.
Who dealt in life's dregs, like a kidney.
Doing Hillary's work,
Like some low-level clerk
With morals as pliant as a squid knee.


Note to Hillary
about her stand on Iraq

You'd be more prepossessing
If you didn't keep folks guessing.


Joe Wilson disses Robert Novak

Joe Wilson's gone blankity mad.
Hot anger pours out of the cad.
Playing juvenile games,
He calls Novak names.
His joi d'vivre's gone. It's so sad.


'Tis strange that I turned out to be
The Con in a Lib family tree.
I've now left the ranch, to start a new branch
Of children with minds that roam free

Shades of the Soviet Union

Have you heard that Miss Miller's recanting?
Her excuses are less than enchanting.
"I've done readers wrong."
"Now I'm moving along."
"I hope you'll forgive my news-slanting."

Schoolchildren of Da Nang
"celebrate" the anniversary of the fail of Saigon
Vietnam Conflict Remembered,
Sunday, 2 April, 2000, BBC
Pre-War "containment" of Saddam failed more each day.

1. The oil-for-food program was corrupt
2. The weapons inspections were a farce
3. US and allied planes were targeted
4. Uninspected flights to Baghdad gutted the sanctions
5. Terrorists were training in Iraq
6. Saddam supported terrorism - $25,000 to each family of a suicide bomber (Thanks, Prost1).
7. Saddam brutalized our fellow human beings

Saddam was thumbing his nose at decent people as he rewarded his collaborators.

Bush interrupted Saddam's staging of a comeback.

Analysis: Saddam steps up defiance, 1 December, 2000, By BBC Middle East analyst Roger Hardy

US Troops liberating the French - A-OK -- US Troops liberating the Iraqis - BAD

Anti-War Wall of Shame

A tale of the difference in treatment by the DNC and MSM of Valerie Plame and Terri Schiavo -- both from Huntingdon Valley, PA, both born 1963, both married to liars.

Dims Dims Dims Dims

They may talk o’ agent outting,
While stamping feet and pouting--
Yelling, “White ‘ouse is the nastiest of places.”

But when it comes to slaughter
They’ll deprive the weak of water
And they’ll never ’ave the shame to ‘ide their faces.

Saddam learned that the President withholds his wrath until the right moment.

The Lessons of Halabja: An Ominous Warning

Professional Pundits

Eau d' Chris

Chris Matthews will rarely make sense.
(Perhaps 'cause his brain is too tense.)
As he spews forth ridiculous gaffes,
He spits and he giggles and laughs.
His guests sit far back, in defense.

Persnickety Jack Cafferty makes me want to laff-erty

Jack spends his time on mindless cavils
Like Bush's mileage during travels.
But Jack could better use his craft
If he measured Blanco's graft.
Checking Nagin could be good
And counting cops per N'Awlins 'hood.

Democrats don't spin--They "philosophicate*"
*Democratic spinning, in which facts are less important than tangentially related myths

Don't look for medical breakthroughs to be accomplished by pro-abortion or pro-euthanasia doctors

To the minority on the Judiciary Committee

Dour, dour, liberal scowler
Angry men without much power
Dems can bark, can lie, and bite
But still can't win their dirty fight

I think we can get [the breach] stabilized in a few hours"

Little Chuckie Schumer
Chuck Schumer's like a two-year old --
Very negative and kind of bold.
He can't say "Aye."
He must defy
A judge who's found to be pure gold.
License too Shrill
Chuck like to boss folks around
And his voice is his own fav'rite sound.
He vows, til he's hoarse,
That he'd take guns by force.
Don't argue, 'cause he'll shoot you down.
Chuck Schumer is a hatchet man
Chuck Schumer is a hatchet man
Not anywhere near an attractive man
He sneers, he lies,
And averts his eyes,
Can he be nasty? In fact, he can.
A Scowler, NOT A Scholar

A dillar, a dollar, an all-day-long scowler.
Tell me, what is that Senator's name?
Chuck Schumer, that fumer, with no sense of humor,
He won't accept personal blame

Bloomberg is saying, "Oh, Woe,
Judge Roberts might overturn Roe."
New York's Boston-born mayor,
Is a nosey nay-sayer,
My opinion of him's at a low

Lib pols would gladly slit throats,
Then escape in their own one-man boats
Nagin did not go swimmin'
Like the poor N'awlins women
Yet now he's grandstanding for votes.

Mumbling, stumbling, bumbling Reid, can show us that leadership's part of his breed

Double, double, toil and trouble, attempts to burst John Roberts' bubble,

Double, double, reams of memos, Sought and read by seething Demos,

Double trouble, reams of memos, Sought and scanned by scheming Demos

Schumer hates all demagogues while feinstein fights for rights of frogs

Leaky Leahy
Pat's heart leaps up when he beholds, Feinstein's deep'ning love of toads.

Turning the tables
Grilling Tedward Kennedy
Dems can taste quite succulent
If they're not too truculent

Chuck shows too much reticence to overturn bad precedents.

Let's speak of sweet senator Dick, Whose skull is exceedingly thick, With no room left inside, for deep thoughts to reside, As a clock, he would only say, "Tick"

Cindy Sheehan

I know of a woman in Texas
Does her bestest and mostest to hex us.
She says she loves children
Yet, she'd let Saddam kill them
Since he didn't take steps to annex us.
Charlie Rangel endorses the draft.
Cindy Sheehan is borderline daft.
The plans of this twosome
Are plain simple gruesome
Since they don't know their fore from their aft.
Joe Wilson's been wholly disgraced,
Thus, the Left has had him replaced
By that nut Cindy Sheehan,
The Media Queen,
Whose photos with Bush she erased.

Cindy Sheehan says, "I'm doing this for the children of the world"

Victim of the attacks by Saddam and his Ba'ath forces on Halabja.

Cindy could be renamed Excess Cindy Shee-Haw, because she is the spiritual daughter of two infamous, American-born, anti-Semitic liars ..WILLIAM JOYCE alias LORD HAW-HAW and Mildred Gillars, alias Axis Sally

Axis Sally used to say "Damn all Jews who made this war possible. I love America, but I do not love Roosevelt and all his k#ke boyfriends."

The best counterarguments to Excess Cindy Shee-Haw's lies are the choices her son, Casey, made.

Do excerpt or title only

Timeline for atta

CIA "leak"

Joe Wilson's Perfidy

Joe took the Islamicists' side,
When he said that the President lied.
Since the Times spread Joe's tale,
Please put them in jail
And, certainly, Joe should be fried

Ambassador Wilson Lied

Joe W. wrote an op-ed and lied
Didn't care if Americans died
He sat on his tush
As he undermined Bush
And pretended wife Val was "inside."

O'Donnell, Plame and Rove

Larry O'Donnell, the Pouter,
Blames Karl for Valerie's outer
Larry spits and he spins
Weaving "outs" out of "ins"
But he can't change the mind of this doubter.

Celebrity Pundits

Burt Bacharach: The wrong song, for the wrong time

Burt (who's "more passionate than ever")
Thought the lyrics he'd written were clever.
Thought he'd strike up the band
And enlighten our land,
Burt’s forgot voters push their own lever.

Mean Janeane

Poor Janeane Garofalo
Has the humor of a buffalo
Her face is so dour
I could use it to scour
All the pots that my sink would allow.

From the wayback machine, July 20, 2003---http://web.archive.org/web/20030720060539/http://www.mideasti.org/html/bio-wilson.html, bio of Joe Wilson

Listening to "the Great One" while driving

Mark Levin is a tower of straingth
As he holds off them Dems at arm's laingth
Mark elicits such laughs
At the Liberal gaffes
That my car nearly exits its lane-th.

The Senate Judiciary Committee

Day Three of the hearings I

Like the rest of the Democrat minions,
Chuck wanted to know John's opinions.
Chuck hurled out an insult,
Got a boomerang result,
And now we're all sure Chuck's the dim one.

Day Three of the hearings II

Chuck says that the process's absurd
But he barely lets John say a word
He talks of old pictures
As he sets up his strictures
Chuck's comments are getting quite blurred.

C. Schumer - male chauvinist pig

Here's a question that Chuckie will dodge--
"Can a woman belong to your lodge?"
Female Masons he'd thwart,
But he'd help gals abort
His thinking is such a hodge-podge.

Persona non gratia

Chuck Schumer will act so superior
As he guts an opponent's interior.
He pretends he's so wise,
But it's only a guise,
And his motives are always ulterior.

Tackless Chuck Schumer

He's not been a very good sport
His only technique is to thwart
When he's not telling lies,
He loves to "advise"
Chuck wants his own seat on the court

School-less Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer has said that he might
Approve a justice who's AIR-EE-YOO-DITE*.
There's only one clinker
In this plan of Chuck Stinker --
The candidate mustn't lean right.
*Schumer's preferred mispronunciation of erudite.

Schumer the Schooler

Chuck likes to think he's a master
And acts like he's everyone's pastor.
He's a loud-mouthed New Yorker
Who's a modern day "Borker"
His choices would lead to disaster.

Tactless Chuck Schumer

A nominee better be lucky,
And get approval from close-minded Chucky,
His vehemence floors us
-- He's a one-man Greek chorus --
Whose vision for America's yucky.

Dems on the Judiciary Committe

Libs love a Justice who's ready
For approval by Dick, Chuck and Teddy.
Pat, Joe and Dianne,
Are preheating the pan,
To fry nominees deemed "right-heady."

Durbin plays the Nazi card

Durbin's a foul, stinking skunk,
Though he puts on the airs of a monk.
He feigns he's amazed
That the words that he phrased
Could put our morale in a funk.

Ben, the guy who told Cheney off.

Ben wants Blanco for President?
We'd all have to hoard paper wipes
To dry any big flood
Cause Blanco's a dud
Who needs to put on prison stripes.

I know an old cowgirl named Sandy,
Whose judgment seems perfectly dandy,
But her writings lack logic,
To folks in Dowagiac,
When they have their spectacles handy.
The legacy of Sandra Day O'Connor

There once was a justice named Sandy
Whose voice sounded sweet, just like candy.
Still, her mouth went and said,
"You can puncture its head!!
If a baby's not thought to be dandy."

Southwestern Justice

I once met a gal from a ranch,
Whose logic could make a babe blanch.
NOW called preborns "chattel,"
Sandra thought they'd said "cattle."
So she gave Libs the judicial branch.

I know of a woman named Jamie Whose face shows no sorrow or shamey 'Though she raised the high wall That endangered us all She doggedly shrugs off the blamey.

The riots in France

It took a little doing....but I found the Bush-Riot connection... Bush -- rush -- rust -- must -- most -- moot -- root -- riot

The French have valued Michael Moore's input in the past...maybe they can look to him for some direction about riot-handling.Paging Michael Moore...Paging Michael Moore

Rep. Pelosi, (D-CA)

There once was a woman named Nancy,
With a plan not exceedingly fancy.
She'd shout out, "Corruption!!"
To engender disruption.
But was swamped by the riots in France-y.


The French Yutes are dancing with glee
As they burn up an auto or three.
Using Molotov torches
For inflicting large scorches
They threaten the peace in Paree.


Chris Burns, CNN reporter just said : "little teenagers" are carrying this out.
Anchorperson, Carol, acting as if this story is something new. 11/05/2005 5:06:10 PM EST

Terri Schiavo
Weird George Felos repeatedly flicked his tongue out his gaping mouth when lying to the press 3/31

"[Nancy Cruzan, three days before her death from starvation] turned and looked at me and stared at me with a panicky look, sweating profusely, and the thought I had was, she was thinking, ‘Oh, here’s a policeman, he’ll help me.’ But we weren’t allowed to do that,"...Doug Seneker

Screwy things that the "Kill-Terri" hordes have said and done

1. Ed Koch thinks Terri needs to watch TV to know she is starving.
2. George Felos thinks Terri looks "beautiful" after her week of forced starvation.
3. Doctor Cranford, who helped Michael win Terri's "right to die" does not believe Terri has constitutional rights
4. Terri said "No tubes for me, " but Michael ignored Terri's "wishes" and had a tube inserted
5. Bulimic women get significant legal boost toward weight-loss goal by local Judge who is willing to order them to be starved to death.
6. Jay Wolfson thinks that an inverse statement (B) "I don't think, therefore, I am not," follows logically from the statement (A), "I think, therefore, I am."
Elementary logic shows Wolfson is wrong to make an assumption that an inverse statement is true.
7. Sanjay Gupta said it was interesting that the neurological diagnoses of Terri could vary so much.

Felos said Michael's cause was only able to succeed because of the help of the ACLU and of some others.

For years, the ACLU has been very busily fighting for the right to Physician Assisted Suicide. They know their way around the courts, all right. Back in 1999, the ACLU gave an award and a dinner (!!the irony!!) to Former Chief Justice of the Florida State Supreme Court, Gerald Kogan, who supports Physician Assisted Death.

George Greer: Soon starring in the hit movie They Starve "Bulimics," Don't They?

New Orleans, Katrina, and Rita

If the MSM concubines of the DNC hadn't been so busily bashing Bush for the last 5 years they might have done Americans a real service and investigated the potential dangers in NOLA and other Dem-run cities. Instead, the concubines praised Cindy Sheehan and broadcast false accusations about Bush's national guard service.

CTV.ca --Streets of New Orleans sink deeper into crisis CTV.ca News Staff, Wed. Aug 31: "It's a very slow rise, and it will remain so until we plug that breach. I think we can get it stabilized in a few hours," Terry Ebbert, New Orleans' homeland security chief told The Associated Press.

"Please, Mother. I'd rather do it myself" Give the poor woman a bottle of Anacin.
Bush called but Blanco and Nagin stalled
It almost seems as though Nagin and Blanco didn't want "snoopy" feds around their turf too soon...I wonder why.

67 posted on 09/03/2005 10:43:51 PM EDT by syriacus

Compassionate Liberalism Part II: Blaming the Iraq War and Tax Cuts for New Orleans Flooding

Face it Sharpton--Mayor Nagin killed thousands more poor black people by his inaction in the 48 hours preceding the storm than Bush killed by his supposed inaction in the 48 hours after the storm

Ever hear of "I-gotta-get-my-own-family-to-high-ground-in-Baton-Rouge-and-can't bother-evacuating-the-poor-people" Nagin

Nagin abandoned the poor of New Orleans, just like Kerry abandoned the people of South Vietnam and just like Cindy Sheehan wants to abandon the people of Iraq.

Nagin and Blanco should have been aware of this study which shows that poorer people do not move out of a hurricane's path as often as less poor people do, and special steps need to be taken to protect them.

Citizen Hurricane Evacuation Behavior in Southeastern Louisiana: A Twelve Parish Survey
Released by The Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Taskforce, July 2005, concluded (page 6) that The number of low income residents who remain in harm’s way illustrates the need for both education about the need to travel far enough1 and providing evacuation assistance to those without means2
1. I don't think Nagin emphatically told his poorer constituents that they needed to evacuate at a distance, to high land, rather than take shelter in a friend's "stronger" home.
2. I know I don't have to ask if Nagin sent buses to evacuate his poorer constituents.

Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog

Saturday, August 27, 2005
Brady Westwater said... I may be wrong - but it sems to me that the laid back attitude (more in demeanor than in action, but in some actions, too) your Mayor has taken has diminished the numbers of people who left New Orelans in time. And I can not understand why every school bus in the state has not been commandered to get the poorest, most vulnerable people away from danger. 5:56 PM  

2/28/02 - This web site supports Ray Nagin for Mayor... Although it doesn't like the idea that he claimed he is a CPA or the fact that he tried to get a contract as a disenfranchised minority business owner, ...

"Louisiana Gov Kathleen Blanco said that President Bush had called and urged the state to order the evacuation"

It HAS happened and there is no way it is Bush's fault.

The City of New Orleans should have had a housing code that required a lifeboat for every 8 residents.

28 posted on 09/01/2005 9:59:46 AM EDT by syriacus

Geography of New Orleans The final death knoll of the city may very well come from the river itself. Scientists and environmentalists know that the Mississippi is trying to change its course that will bypass the city in favor of the shorter route to the Gulf through the Atchafalaya basin.

Has de-Babylonization of New Orleans arrived?

~~Happy Days are Here Again~~

"Happy Days are here again,"
Said New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.
"Yes, the water's down,
Come back into town.
Happy days are here again."

A storm named Rita's coming strong
Nagin fears the levees won't last long
He'll repeat his hymn
To folks he once made swim
"Don't blame me. I'm never wrong."

A. Broussard started telling his story
And cried when the tale got real gory.
Russert, barely awake,
Was taken in by this fake
.... Yet, Tim STILL won't admit that he's sorry.